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Digital Media Marketing

it's about more than just a design.

Web Design

Websites that look good are not necessarily good for getting traffic from search engines. At DMM we offer web design services that focus on search engine compatability, however, a website that does not look good and function well will not convert traffic to sales. Our design team will give you a custom tailored site that is also very effective for ranking well. We meet with you at length and gain an understanding of your target audience and how they will navigate through your site when we get them there. Once we have agreed upon the architecture of the site, we will work to give you a comprehensive brand image. All factors will be analyzed, from color choices to font styles and sizes. Each of these factors are crucial, since you typically have only seconds to capture a customer.

The final product will integrate into the entirety of the SEO campaign. For those clients looking to save cost and not have a new design, we will work with the existing site to attempt to bring it up to an acceptable level. However, many clients find that a clean sheet redesign is the most effective route to the desired results. Since every situation is different, please contact Nathan Finch at 480.633.2444 directly to discuss your individual needs.